Denise Williams came to the Culpeper Career Resource Center about the WIA program in April of 2014: she met the guidelines under the Adult category for WIA. Denise had been in the companion care industry for a short period of time and found the occupation to take a toll on her physically and, without licensure from the state, employment was limited to individual private patients.

Completion of Career Scope®, a computer-based aptitude assessment and instrument inventory instrument that provides career recommendations for clients’ consideration, showed Denise achieved high scores related to office support occupations. Because of the likely difficulty in competing for jobs with those who had office work experience, finding an internship coupled with training seemed to be the best avenue. It would be important to find an employer willing to take on the role of teaching her basic office support skills and providing pertinent work experience. Following referral to Culpeper Human Services, the Office Support Supervisor there was more than willing to participate in the internship program. In early September, Denise began her internship working the front desk at Culpeper Human Services.

While completing her 300-hour internship, a position became available for which Denise was encouraged to apply: on December 1st she started working full-time in the office support unit! If you happen to visit Culpeper Human Services you likely will see Denise at the front window.