Shiree moved to Culpeper from Charlottesville with a friend and two children, when, after five years service, she was downsized by an employer where she had sold advertising for newspapers.

Once in Culpeper she came to the Culpeper Career Resource Center (CCRC) where she sought advice from Lisa Houck, the Manager. Shiree also used the facilities of the Center to write her resume and conduct a job search.

Shiree ran across an ad from Taft Services, that provides accounting and billing services for health clubs. This led to her employment with Taft as a Telephone Representative. Subsequently the owner came to Shiree and asked that she help build a call center. Shiree developed poilcy for the call center, hired about five employees, managed the Center for about 2 years, and saw the firm grow from servicing 5 to 26 clients within a 2-3 year period.

Today, Shiree is Assistant Office Manager, also handles HR and payroll functions, while still overseeing the call center whose manager relies on Shiree for advice.

Taft Services now uses CCRC to host job fairs and has hired several employees as a direct result.