Kevin Warner came to the WIA program as a dislocated worker (receiving unemployment benefits) after separation from his employer of four and a half years. Kevin is a career professional who held the position of Project Manager (PM) in the IT industry with twenty years of experience. Kevin enjoyed his work as a PM and did not want to start over in another occupation but instead build on the success of his past career. He quickly discovered during his job search that employers were looking for potential candidates to have their Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification. After researching what training providers offered PMP certification Kevin selected Global Knowledge. The training was a four day course that required a certification exam upon completion. We then began to work with him on job search and developed a number of approaches on how Kevin was going to achieve his goal. Kevin came up with the idea of becoming a self-employed government contractor. He and a team of former colleagues set out to bid on government contracts. Kevin is now developing web-based forklift training instruction. Kevin has expressed his appreciation for how the WIA Program offered him the opportunity to achieve his career goals.